Education (GMU)

Education is the nerve center for all the developmental activities of a country. The development of a need based education system will transform society and lead it in the fast developing world. All developed nations of the world have reached their present levels growth only through development of science and technology with properly planned education system of excellence. A dynamic education system will set the pace for growth, development and improvement in standard of living of the people. Establishment of educational institutions of high quality helps the development of the younger generation, moulding them into responsible citizens and builders of the nation.


Our Mission:
The Mission of the Gulf Medical University is to strengthen and promote excellence in medical education, biomedical research and patient care.
GMU is committed to prepare a highly skilled health workforce made up of health care professionals, health management and support workers and health science investigators in order to meet the health care needs of the nation and the region. 
GMU will strive to produce health care professionals who will integrate the advances in research with the best clinical practices.
GMU will promote health services, which incorporate the latest advances in scientific knowledge in a manner that supports education and research for the benefit of the community. 
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