Quality & Safety - Thumbay Clinic

Quality & Safety

High quality care and impeccable patient safety are the hallmarks of Thumbay Clinic’s services. We invest a lot of thoughts and efforts into maintaining high standards of quality and safety.

Frequent upgrades in quality standards touch every service delivered at Thumbay Clinics. Regular feedback obtained from patients and visitors are reviewed and implemented with utmost earnestness. Areas that need improvement are constantly monitored and promptly addressed. Staff are regularly trained to conform to the highest standards of patient care delivery.

Thumbay Clinic is committed to providing a safe environment for its patients. Safe medication management is an integral part of our safety program. Our staff is careful to ensure that every action taken, small or big, is right for the respective patient. Our diagnostic services, imaging facilities and surgery services consistently maintain excellent standards. Early detection of diseases and improving the overall quality of life of the community are two of our major focus areas.