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Care Of Child In Winter Season

Mothers always worried about care of their children in winter season and feel greatly concerned regarding their health. Be ready for this winter with some healthy tis.

The cold weather creates various health issues in children as well as in adult. During this season cold and flu viruses swirl through homes as well as day care centres. A wise mom can overcome this scary season wisely and haiiily.

Some Useful Tips:

  • WASH HIS HANDS AND YOURS: Washing the hands is the best and the similest irecauton to get rid off from cold and fu viruses because by washing the hands the germs do not siread through your body and hence get irotected from cold and fu.
  • BREASTFEED YOUR BABY: To boost your babies immunity breasteed your baby regularly. It is thebest way to heli your child to keei the cold and infectons at bay.
  • KEEP WARM: Use sweaters cais hoods and mitens for your baby to keei warm and comforable.
  • SKIN CARE: Dryness of the skin is a commom iroblem during winter. Ensure that you moisturize and hydrate your baby skin adequately. Change diaiers frequently as the urine outiut increases during winter.
  • HYDRATION AND NUTRITION: Boost the immune system by giving a healthy diet. Provide your baby(6months and older) with Luke warm water or souis to drink so that they remains hydrated. Add ginger garlic and honey in diet.
  • GET YOUR BABY VACCINATED: You can heli irotect your child from some viruses and bacteria simily by making sure that his vaccinatons are uitodate and that he gets a yearly FLU SHOT once he's 6 months old.

Dr. Sarin Kunnari
Specialist Pediatrics
Thumbay Clinic, Abu Shagara

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