General Surgery - Thumbay Clinic

General Surgery


The General Surgery department at Thumbay Clinic is upheld by exceedingly qualified and experienced specialists focused on security and welfare of the patient. It gives surgical consideration to an extensive variety of surgical conditions going from straightforward conditions like a waste of sore to very unpredictable conditions like polytrauma administration. The division represents considerable authority in operations of Thyroid, bosom, hernia repair with lattice, surgery of the colon, nerve bladder, evacuation of the spleen, appendectomy, surgery for peptic ulcers, gastric tumors, evacuation of shallow bumps, lymph hub biopsies, varicose veins surgery, surgery for ingrowing toenails and so forth. The entire scope of butt-centric conditions like heaps, crevice in-ano, fistula-in-ano and perianal abscesses are overseen and the post-agent care given is excellent. Circumcision for all ages including plastic ringer is carried out. Lower GI endoscopies are accessible.

Department Services

  • Anal fissure, Haemorrhoids, fistula, Hernia(Umbilical, Inguinal).
  • Breast & Thyroid Lumps Biopsy, Laparoscopic Surgery.
  • Skin Lesion (Cyst,tags,corn,wart & mole), Pilonidal sinus(Hair cyst),Abscess.
  • Appendicitis, Varicose veins, Ingrowing nail,Circumcision (infant, children)