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Gentlemen, Looks Do Matter

With the rise of man buns and beard-scaping, now the modern day gentleman is paying extra close attention to the style of clothing he wears and the way he carries himself....

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Taking It All In Stride… A Chat with Celina Jaitley

A proud mother of three children as well as a social worker in her own right, despite her busy schedule, Bollywood celebrity Celina Jaitley still makes time for personal fitness...

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Why it Matters: Having that Conversation with Your Kids about Bullying

Bullying is a very serious concern gripping educational institutes around the world today. While schools adopt a zero-tolerance policy, unfortunately it still exists. Often...

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Deciphering K-Beauty Ingredients… What Do We Really Need

Many skincare products make huge promises, but what truly works and delivers bonafide results are what consumers want. To help decipher the mainstays of truly effective K-beauty...

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Weaving Floral Elements in Your Living Space

Not only do fresh flowers infuse color and a touch of nature into your living space, they help impart positive energy and a feel-good factor. Alissar Mzayek, CEO and Creative...

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A global ambassador with a mission… meet Jessica Michelle Kahawaty

It’s not often you come across an individual with such passionand zeal for what she does; Saadiya Ahmad speaks with Jessica Michelle Kahawaty, an international model, lawyer,...

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A Results-Driven Workout for Every Goal

When it comes to fitness, the results are unlimited. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or tone up, a clear training plan can help you achieve the results you want. Here...

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Jump Start Your Fitness with a Boot Camp

In a city that prides itself on getting fitter and healthier, participating in a boot camp can do more than boost your fitness quotient, as Mostafa Mersal, Coach at Fitness...

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